Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Jan 16,2022

What is normal blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of arteries inside the body. This force determines the blood pressure through which the blood is circulating throughout the circulatory system.

The normal ranges of blood pressure are 120/80 mmHg, while hypertension or high blood pressure can start from 140/90 mmHg. Throughout the world, every 1 in 3 adults is suffering from hypertension or is at the pre-hypertensive stage. For the body's normal functioning, blood pressure has a significant role. The higher the blood pressure, the higher will be the insufficiency of blood supply to the respective organ.

Complications of hypertension:

Hypertension doesn’t come alone in most cases. Hypertension is part of multiple comorbidities as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and renal problems. The direct and foremost complication of hypertension is cardiac issues. The increase in blood pressure causes decreased blood flow to the cardiac tissues, leading to ischemia of the respective heart region.

In response to the cardiac complications, the renal system directly affects the kidneys due to less cardiac output and less filtration output. Most of the time, renal and cardiac complications end up simultaneously in response to hypertension.

Another fatal complication of hypertension is vascular damage to the brain, also known as stroke. A stroke occurs as a response of ischemia to the nervous tissues. Hypertensive patients are most commonly advised to keep their values normal to avoid stroke and paralysis (as a result of the stroke).

How to treat hypertension?

There isn’t one specific treatment or intervention for the stroke. However, you need to look for the management of hypertension throughout your life via different methods. The most commonly used method is medications.

This article will discuss the natural remedies and methods to keep the blood pressure values in control.

Natural remedies to control hypertension:

Natural remedies to control hypertension:

● Dietary modifications:

Diet is the most significant part of hypertension control. Salt intake is the culprit for the increase in blood pressure. According to the physiological phenomenon, water goes where salt goes. So if the concentration of salt is increased in the body, water concentration will also increase as a response. So, the best way to control the high values of hypertension is to limit salt intake.

Other recommended foods and dietary products for hypertension control include:

● Green vegetables

● Fruits

● Cereals

● Juices

● Whole grains

● Sprouts and pulses

● Nuts (without salt)

● Good fat with high HDL levels

● Lifestyle modifications:

Lifestyle modification refers to the everyday routine through which a person lives his life. For instance, regular exercises and physical activities can help with angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels after 3-6 months of regular exercise. The formation of new vessels can be the ultimate solution for reducing the blood pressure in the arteries.

Obesity can also be a major factor in the increase in blood pressure. A significant reduction in body fat and weight can also help with the management of hypertension and its symptoms as well.

● Ergonomic modifications:

Ergonomic modifications refer to the workplace modifications through which you can work at your best according to your physical conditions. If a hypertensive patient is constantly working in a high-stress environment, he is more likely to suffer from attacks. So, it is best to talk about your physical and pathological condition with your organization to compensate your work accordingly.

If you have to stand at work for a longer period, you are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure levels. Therefore, it is best to stay in a sitting in case of high blood pressure levels.

● Psychological well-being and coping mechanisms:

Psychological stress and depression have significant physiological changes and hormonal responses, which can trigger hypertension. In case of constant psychological stress, a patient may instantly increase blood pressure levels. If you want to control the hypertension levels naturally, you need to learn the ways to cope with the stress and depression around you.

The natural ways to cope with such symptoms can be:

● Meditation

● Yoga

● Book reading

● Hobbies as gardening, swimming, fishing, and cycling

● Goof food and diet

● Music therapy and outing

● Hiking

● Aromatherapy and herbal medications:

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils for lowering blood pressure levels in the body. Essential oils are extracts from natural herbs with exceptional aroma and odor. All of these oils tend to have a relaxation effect on the body and mind.

The best essential oils for hypertension reduction are:

● Citronella – helps in easing the stress to lower blood pressure

● Cedarwood – promotes the decrease in heart rate and relaxation

● Bergamot – helps in lowering both blood pressure and heart rate

● Helichrysum – a natural relaxant for reducing the blood pressure having hypotensive properties

● Frankincense – similar hypotensive effects as other essential oils

● Clary sage – helps in reducing the anxiety levels and blood pressure levels

● Jasmine – helps in easing the tension in the nervous system

● Lavender – has calming properties for reducing anxiety

● Lemon balm – releases depression and stress levels to control the blood [naturally pressure

● Rose – anti-inflammatory properties to relax the whole body and increase the circulation

● Sweet marjoram – to cause the vasodilation for improving the flowing blood through the vessels

Herbal medications which can help with hypertension are:

● Thyme and garlic

● Basil seeds and leaves

● Parsley and celery seeds

● Bacopa monnieri

● Parsley

● False daisy

● Takeaway:

Hypertension can give rise to a group of comorbidities and complications, which can cause fatal consequences in the body. Specific lifestyle, dietary, and psychological well-being modifications can greatly help to keep these values in control.


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