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Moniteur SpO2 et ECG Checkme Lite

Product Specification

● 2 in 1 Health Monitor: Small in size and can be carried in your pocket. Track your ECG and Blood Oxygen Saturation anytime, anywhere.

● Daily Check: This function can check, visualize and store some key vital signs of your body. As a handheld heart monitor, Checkme Lite provides a very convenient "daily check", which can quickly and reliably measure PR, PI and heart rate within 20 seconds.

● Free PC Software: Quickly and easily view/manage reports, reports can be saved as PDF for sharing or printing. The measurement data is stored in the device, or you can choose to synchronize it with the mobile device via Bluetooth, and synchronize it to the computer via a USB cable to achieve better data management purposes.

● Portable Measurement: With the help of external cables and pads, portable devices can display noise-free high-quality heart rate waveforms. By simply holding it with your hands, the monitor can show you an accurate heart rate reading within 30 seconds, which saves time and brings you convenience and flexibility.

● You Will Get: No hidden fees or subscriptions, lifetime technical support. The multifunctional health monitor is a great gift to express love to parents or friends. If you have any quality problems after purchase, please feel free to contact us, we will solve the problem for you.

Daily Check

The gadget is able to check, visualize, and store some of the key vital signs of your body. One of the notable features it offers is the very convenient ‘Daily Check’ which can give a quick and reliable measurement of SpO2, PR, PI and ECG all together in 20 seconds.

Checking SpO2 without External SpO2 Sensor

This device is ideal for use on a regular basis. By inserting a finger into the gap between the SpO2 sensor and its cover, you will know it straight away if your blood oxygen levels go below the normal range.

Checking SpO2

Checkme Lite as a handheld oximeter is designed to be more fast and reliable to detect oxygen levels in blood, pulse rate and PI.

Check SpO2 with an external SpO2 sensor

The external SpO2 sensor is comfortable to wear and the oximeter provides an accurate reading of blood oxygen levels without interruption. 

Readings that are not within the threshold range are brought to your attention while wearing it.

* External SpO2 sensor for infants is only available for Checkme™ Lite Plus.

ECG Measurement

The pocket-sized device can allow you to take an ECG measurement anytime, anywhere. You are able to store your SpO2 and ECG data (including data of heart rate and QRS) in the device or choose to sync it to mobile devices via Bluetooth and computers via USB cables for better data management purposes.

*Please download mobile app MyBeats Hub and PC software Checkme Browser

Diagnosis of Symptoms and Signs:

● Arrhythmia

● Heart Pause

● Atrial Fibricular (AF)

● Tachycardia and Bradycardia

● Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)

*All symptoms are shown as 'Irregular ECG Rhythm'


MODEL: Checkme Lite

NOTE: It is licensed by Health Canada