AI ECG With Touchscreen

Checkme Pulsebit EX ECG Monitor

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  • Diversified measurement: Cable-free and cable measurement meet the requirement of quick check and detailed detection. Turn on the device, follow the image guide and wait for 30s / 60s /5 mins to get peace of mind right away.
  • Free APP for iOS & Android: Work with most smartphones & tablets, sync your report to your iOS & Android via bluetooth and share with others by one-click.
  • Free PC software: Review/ manage your reports conveniently, reports can be saved as PDF to share or print.
  • Heart Monitor On The Go: Compact size that you can carry around in the pocket. Track your heart health anytime anywhere. No hidden cost or subscription required.
  • Multi users mode: Easy to store two users’ data separately.Suitable for family use. 12-Month warranty.
    *Purchase using an FSA or HSA account. (please confirm coverage with your insurance provider.)


Original EKG signal from Lead I is very small for someone, for such case you can get bigger signal from Lead II or Chest Lead.
30 seconds/60seconds/5minutes recording duration you can choose. Measurement with built-in electrodes is more convenient; with external cable can sample noise-free EKG signal.

free AI ECG analysis

AI-ECG platform for heart health produces your ECG/EKG in a matter of 30 seconds and conducts free AI analysis with reports.


Initial screening for potential heart problems, such as:Arrhythmia, Heart Pause, Atrial Fibrillation (AF), Tachycardia & Bradycardia, Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs).

*Note: All of these are shown as' Irregular heart beat'


APP called Vihealth. No subscription required to use, Bluetooth connection protects your privacy.


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Customer Reviews

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S.D. (Shishir)
A great portable device for checking cardiac rhythm or irregular heart beats

Got this to check cardiac rhythm as have a family history of arrhythmias. The device came in a nice box with carry case, lanyard, micro D-USB cable, dual lead cables, a user guide and 5 pairs of adhesive electrodes. I already had the ViHealth app. The device is small, about 3.5 inches X 2 inches and under 0.5 inches thick and easily portable. It has a proprietary usb port for all connections. Easy setup menu on the device. however, it is important to create a viatomtech (ViHealth) account as the first step. That allows you to add yourself as a user. The EKG acquisition was easy once you select the lead and then hold still for 30 seconds (which can be selected to a longer duration- somewhat important for those with intermittent rhythm issues). It does not work with dry skin. wet with water or with your saliva (a better option as it will conduct electricity better due to salt content) and then it starts recording. Once completed, if you select the Bluetooth menu, it will transfer the data and then you can have the AI analysis. It saves the recordings and you can magnify them to show to your MD. The app can be improved. If you have more than one ViHealth device, you have to exit the app and restart. So far, the recordings were clean, the analysis was perfect. This is a great portable device for those concerned about irregular heart beats - especially having it intermittently, as you can grab and use the device in a matter of few seconds. The EKG with leads is definitely of better quality (as the pads conduct electricity much more efficiently). Don't lose the micro-D to USB cable, as you can't buy that from eBay or Amazon etc.